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Jam On It

A museum exhibition of music devices throughout history.

Jam On It is a conceptual museum exhibition which explores the history and transformation of devices and ways in which music has been consumed over the years. It incorporates interactive installations in a way that allows visitors to engage in activities through the use of music-based artifacts on display. Visitors will be able to actively participate through a hands-on experience rather than just simply reading information and sources posted.

Create a brand identity that conveys fun-filled learning andthat also evokes a feeling of excitement.

Brand Identity
Narrative Literature Pamphlet
Environmental Graphics

Get visitors excited about the experience.

Strategist, Creative Director, Visual & Graphic Designer

Project Completion
August 2020

Project Significance Music allows us to feel emotions that we experience in our own personal lives. It is a worldwide, commonly-known love language and can promote well-being, create community, and build meaningful connections. The benefits of music are endless.

Target AudienceFamilies with children from Generation Z of all genders, born between 1995 and 2015, would be most interested in this exhibition because it would give them the opportunity to learn about music devices and technology that existed well before they were born. It would help open their minds up to the power of technology and how far we’ve come in the ways we consume music.

My Approach
I conducted research on the importance of music and came across the following interesting, yet informative articles:

I compiled images to use as inspiration for the exhibition’s visual identity which includes colors, patterns and textures, typeface references, and design styles.

Concept Studies
I brainstormed and sketched out concepts to ideate the exhibition’s visual identity, narrative literature pamphlet, and environmental graphics.

Final Logo
I incorporated a fun typeface and vibrant colors into the logo and came up with the following.

Final Pattern
Similar to the logo, I incorporated vibrant colors and dynamic shapes into the pattern.
Narrative Literature Pamphlet
I created an accordion-style narrative literature pamphlet which provides a timeline of music devices throughout history for visitors to have at hand while walking through the exhibit. The following are images included throughout the pamphlet.

Narrative Literature Pamphlet Prototype
I crafted a mock-up of the accordion-style narrative literature pamphlet.

Environmental Graphics
I created one exterior environmental graphic to advertise the exhibit as well as interior three environmental graphics for the exhibit’s entryway to get visitors excited about what they are about to experience.